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Spain Demographics

  • Capital: Madrid
  • Dialing code: +34
  • Currency: Euro
  • Population: 46.44 million (2019)
  • Language spoken: Spanish, Galician, Basque,English
  • Population growth rate: 0.2% annual change (2017)
  • Gross domestic product: 1.311 trillion USD (2017)
  • GDP per capita: 28,156.82 USD (2017)
Cost of Living in Spain


  • Electricity, Heating, Cooling, Water, Garbage: 116.82 €
  • 1 min. of Prepaid Mobile: 0.16 €
  • Internet 60 Mbps or More: 40.88 €


  • One-way Ticket(Local Transport): 1.40 €
  • Monthly Pass(Regular Price): 42.35 €
  • Taxi Start (Normal Tariff): 3.13 €
  • Taxi 1km (Normal Tariff): 1.06 €
  • Taxi 1hour Waiting: 20.18 €
  • Gasoline (1 liter): 1.28 €
  • Volkswagen Golf 1.4 90 KW Trendline: 19,000.00 €
  • Toyota Corolla 1.6l 97kW Comfort: 19,587.61 €


  • Apartment (1 bedroom) in City: 635.68 €
  • Apartment (1 bedroom) Outside: 480.05 €
  • Apartment (3 bedrooms) in City: 1,010.20 €
  • Apartment (3 bedrooms) Outside: 738.89 €

Food & Drink

  • Meal, Inexpensive Restaurant: 10.00 €
  • Coke/Pepsi (0.33 liter bottle): 1.70 €
  • Water (0.33 liter bottle): 1.15 €
  • Milk (regular), (1 liter): 0.76 €
  • Rice (white), (1kg): 0.95 €
  • Eggs (regular) (12): 1.63 €
  • Local Cheese (1kg): 8.95 €

All you need to know about Spain Immigration

Of all European countries, Spain is the most hospitable. Its beautiful clear skies combined with warm weather make it an ideal destination for vacations and expats. Say hello to all your brothers because Wave Visas make it the easiest country to immigrate to.

Why live in Spain?

There are several reasons why one should move to Spain. Some of them that really stand out are;

  • Since it's such a large country, temperatures will vary, but most areas are warm and filled with clear blue skies.
  • The cost of living is reasonable.
  • Working and living conditions are good.
  • The community here is very humble and friendly.
  • Hygiene is not very expensive.

Eligibility criteria for Spain Visa

  • A valid visa valid approximately 3 months prior to your stay.
  • Completed application form.
  • Hotel reservations, flight reservations and proof of itinerary during your stay in Spain.
  • Proof of round-trip transportation or travel ticket.
  • Proof of sufficient funds to pay for accommodation.
  • Official bank statements for the last three months prior to travel.
  • Proof of at least EUR 30,000 (Rs 2,207,187.00) to cover your emergency medical expenses.

How to apply for a permanent visa for Spain?

Permanent Residency for Relatives: Adoption by a Spanish father or mother or a Spanish citizen can help you immigrate to Spain.

Spouse Permanent Residence: Marrying a Spaniard can speed up the process of immigrating to Spain.

Residence Permit for Study: The “Residence Permit in Spain” for students gives them the opportunity to combine work and study, as long as their work does not interfere with their studies. So total. Working hours should not exceed 20 hours per week.

Permanent Residency for Work: Those who get a job offer in a Spanish company can easily obtain a permanent residency visa, depending on the duration of the job.

Permanent residence by assets: Permanent residence visas can be obtained by purchasing property in Spain. However, buying a property is considered an investment and therefore requires a bank transfer of €1 million.

Also, to move without a work permit, the person must own property in Spain.

Why choose Wave Visas Immigration?

At Wave Visas Immigration, we guide our clients to choose the right country and consider all available immigration options. We ensure that all requirements are met and the documents are complete and legal to ensure the process goes smoothly. We ensure our clients travel comfortably through immigration with a relaxed mind, freshly absorbing the beauty of the new world.

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