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Career Assistance Program - Services designed to help you build a successful career and realize your full professional potential abroad.

In some cases, applicants begin the process without understanding the requirements of a particular program and verifying the vacancy of their profile in the country. Remember, the main purpose of calling in large numbers of immigrants is to boost the country's economy and fill gaps in the market. As a result, immigration services in each country are likely to select only those foreigners whose skills are in high demand in their respective markets.

Career Assistance Program can help you with the following problems:

Career options: If you're not sure about your perfect job; Difficulty finding a job: If you have all the necessary qualifications and still can't find a job; Insufficient promotion: You don't get a promotion when you deserve it ; low income that does not reflect your efforts and good grades; lack of learning opportunities: you have no opportunity to acquire new knowledge; difficulty meeting your obligations, responsibilities, and deadlines; lack of motivation for work: no longer passionate about the work, Satisfaction with achievements; changing careers and gaining skills needed to start a new career; job stress and pressure; fear of responsibilities despite having necessary skills and knowledge; changing jobs: the right career step? Working abroad without knowing if you are ready to be separated from family and friends. In addition to visa documentation and immigration expertise, the company provides international placement assistance to individuals wishing to work in developed countries such as Western and Middle Eastern countries.

Our overseas job consultancy includes three prime areas of service – Career counseling, Job Search Services, Resume Writing Services.

Job Search Services : Wave Visas help people find jobs abroad when applying from their home country. The most convenient aspect of the service is sending the resumes of Wave Visa applicants to employers looking for a suitable profile. We ensure these resumes reach hundreds of employers and recruiting agencies by freeing applicants from a lot of errands. At the same time, our Career Services team is constantly marketing your profile.

When an employer expresses interest in a candidate's resume, an email is sent directly to that person's inbox. Wave Visas also intervene by negotiating your salary and other conditions with foreign employers. It helps professionals by not disrupting their schedules and also saves time.

Wave Visas uses the latest technology and the talents of seasoned HR professionals whose goal is to send resumes to the right jobs and employers.

The goal of the career guidance is to answer all of the applicant's questions about working abroad. Doing so will answer all your questions about how you can benefit from working and living abroad, where your career needs are and how you should start the process. If they are interested in investing in a particular country, how much would they have to spend?

Without career goals, individuals cannot develop a bright future. This aspect gives people direction and lets them know what they can achieve. More importantly, it gives them a clear idea of how they need to continue to achieve their career goals.

Therefore, career hopefuls should first assess their career path in order to plan their future.