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Pre Assessment and Post Landing Services

Getting a visa or a overseas job is a success but only 50%, because 50% of real success comes with a propper settlement in a new foreign land. This is where Wave Visas Immigration differs and stand out in best of services and gives from tip to toe services.

As Wave Visas Immigration, we help our clients with a proper planing and guidance of all settlement that not only boost the confidence in client but also completes the mission of Wave Visas Immigration that is happy and satisfied clients.

Pre Landing and Post Landing Services of Wave Visas Immigration

Wave Visas Pre Assessment and Post Landing Services

Pre Assessment Services

  • Education assesment from the recognized body of country.

  • Fully advice/guide the client if any change in immigration law

  • Propper guidance about their job duties under their profession.

  • Assist in currency exchange thorough registered agent.

  • Assist in arranging International Sim Card.

Post Landing Services

  • Assistance in Airport pickup..

  • We help in temporary accommodation arrangement if employers does not provide

  • Help in opening bank a/c.

  • Help in opening credit card.

  • Help in obtaining driving license.

  • Finding school for children.

  • Getting health insurance card.