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Canada Express Entry Eligibility Point System
Canada Demographics

  • Capital: Ottawa
  • Dialing code: +1
  • Currency: Canadian dollar $
  • Population: 3.71 crores (2019)
  • Language spoken: English , french
  • Population growth rate - 1.2% annual change ‎(2017)
  • Gross domestic product - 1.65 lakh crores USD ‎(2017)
  • GDP per capita - 45,032.12 USD ‎(2017)
Cost of living in Canada

House rent

  • Paying guest - 400$-750$
  • Shared apartment - 600$-1000$
  • Basement - 1000$-1400$
  • Apartment - 900$-2000$
  • Ownhouse - 1500$-2000$
  • Detached house - 1900$-3500$

Rest the rent also depends on the faclilities like location near metro, location near market and facilties provided


  • TTC
  • Single ticket- 3.25$
  • Weekly passes- 43$
  • Monthy passes- 146$
  • 1 year pass- 134$


  • Mobile bill- 35$-60$
  • Internet bills- 50$-90$
  • Elecricity , gas or water billes - 50$-100$


  • Per person per week
  • Home made food - 40$-75$
  • Restaurant once a week - $30

Gym - 30$- 55$

Movies - 10$- 25$

Total Cost

  • 1000$- 2500$ per month

Canada Express Entry Visa Consultants

The initial phase in Canada immigration through the Express Entry program is to take in the qualification criteria of the migration programs. The following stage is to choose your favourable domain or province. Our well-suited Canada Express Entry Visa consultants in India will perform specialized assessments of your profile. In light of your specialized assessment report, our Canada immigration consultants will recommend the best migration program for you, in view of your age, dialect capability, qualification capability, and work involvement.

Our Canada Express Entry Visa consultancy will manage you at each progression of your migration procedure. To apply express entry visa Contact our migration specialists for a free evaluation of your profile.

Why Canada is an incredible place to live?

  • Solid Economy
  • Safe Country
  • Various Job Opportunities
  • Free Health Care
  • Free training for kids
  • Extensive quality of life

Get Yourself Prepared for Canada Express Entry Visa Before your present the online application for Express Entry you should make the accompanying requirements:

  • Take the dialect tests – IELTS for English and TEF for French dialect
  • Get an Educational certification Assessment or ECA has done on your instructive capabilities by a confirmed organization to demonstrate that your instructive gauges are keeping pace with the Canadian training framework.


  • Canada one of the wealthiest and developed country have launched Federal skilled visa on January 2015 under express entry programme
  • It is for the professionals on the basis of qualification, age, skill , and experience who are looking for permanent settlement in Canada which will fill their skill shortage and in turn will increase the economy of the country
  • Express entry Canada is the new system of selection the government has implemented to sort the best skilled immigrants for Canada.
  • It is designed for skilled labors from all the around the world and its approval requires the involvement of the federal government, the Canadian employers and the local government as well.
  • According to new system the entire Canada express entry visa process is electronic based programme where all the process will be managed online

Benefits Of The Programme

  • Can Apply for Canadian Citizenship within three years of arrival in Canada
  • Dual Citizenship allowed
  • Entitlement to government welfare benefits (in case of necessity), free medical facilities, free education, old age insurance, unemployment insurance etc.
  • Minimal government regulations in starting your own business
  • Access to the United States and Mexico Markets based on the NAFTA Agreement
  • Can avail Canadian child tax benefits
  • Salary equal to Canadian citizen
  • Child tax benefits
  • Social welfare allowance
  • Pension plans
Assessment Form

Are You Eligible To Apply For Canada Express Entry Visa

To immigrate to Canada under federal skilled worker you need to qualify 67 points out of 100 which depends of six major factors:

4.Language Skill
5.Arrange Employement

If you qualify 67 ponits out of 100 you can migrate under federal skilled category, find your eligibility.

Age Points
Under 18 0
18-35 12
36 11
37 10
38 9
39 8
40 7
41 6
42 5
43 4
44 3
45 2
46 1
47 and older 0

Degree program must be in one of these fields of study: Medicine, Veterinary Medicine, Dentistry, Podiatry, Optometry, Law, Chiropractic Medicine, or Pharmacy.

Education Points
University degree at the Doctoral (PhD) level or equal 25 Points
University degree at the Master’s level or equal OR University level entry-to-practice professional degree (or equal). Occupation related to the degree must be:
  • NOC 2016 Skill Level A, and
  • licensed by a provincial regulatory body
23 Points
Two or more Canadian post-secondary degrees or diplomas or equal (at least one must be for a program of at least three years) 22 Points
Canadian post-secondary degree or diploma for a program of three years or longer, or equal 21 Points
Canadian post-secondary degree or diploma for a two-year program, or equal 19 Points
Canadian post-secondary degree or diploma for a one-year program, or equal 15 Points
Canadian high school diploma, or equal 5 Points
Experience Points
1 year 9
2-3 years 11
4-5 years 13
6 or more years 15
Official Language Speaking Listening Reading Writing
CLB level 9 or higher 6 6 6 6
CLB level 8 5 5 5 5
CLB level 7 4 4 4 4
Below CLB level 7 Not eligible to apply

You can get points if you have a, full-time job offer of at least one year from a Canadian employer.

Arranged Employment Points
Arranged Employment 10

If you have a spouse or common-law partner who will immigrate with you to Canada, they can earn points for adaptability too. You can only get points for each item once.

Adaptability Points
Your spouse or partner’s language level 5
Your past study in Canada 5
Your spouse or partner’s past study in Canada 5
Your past work in Canada 10
Your spouse or common-law partner’s past work in Canada 5
Arranged Employment in Canada 5
Relatives in Canada 5

The programme have 3 stages

1.Educational Credential Assessment (ECA)
2.Creation Of Express Entry Profile For ITA/PNP
3.Visa Filing

1.Education Credential Assessment (ECA)

Under this process the Canadian government have aligned certain bodies to assess the credentials of foreign education whether they meet the criteria for Canadian education or not, and how likely is the foreign education recognised

The assessing organizations are:

  • International Credential Assessment Service of Canada
  • World Education Services
  • Medical Council of Canada

Fee For Assessment:

  • ICAC CAD 150 to 350 FSW package
  • WES CAD 220 to 440
  • CES : CAD 250 to 400

Language proficiency exam

The International English Language Testing System, or IELTS, is an international standardized test of English language proficiency for non-native English language speakers.

  • Score / grade validity: 2 years
  • Knowledge / skills tested: Listening, reading, writing and speaking of the English
  • Language: The candidate should qualify Language proficiency exam with a minimum score of 6 or CLB 7 bands to enter in express entry pool

2.Creation Of Express Entry Profile For ITA or PNP

Once the candidate is through with ECA and have a valid language score, Aspire world immigration makes an online express entry profile and the client with highest score will be issued by an ITA ( invitation to apply) or job offer or province nominee

What is express entry profile?

Express entry is online application management, an online profile express entry profile is made where we submit the application for PR( permanent resident).

How does express entry pool works?

We at Aspire world immigration make your best express entry profile which enters the express entry pool.

In express in pool aspire world immigration will:

  • Rewrite your resume according to the Canadian standards
  • Post your profile on various job banks and approach potential employers
  • The potential employer in turn if shows up interest in your profile schedule you for an interview
  • Once candidate clear the interview get the offer letter

Incase the client does not receive an offer letter and have a high CRS score will either get an ITA or PNP

What is ITA?

An Invitation to Apply (ITA) is an invitation that allows some people who submitted a profile to Express Entry to apply for permanent residence. If you accept the invitation, you application will be processed in 6 months or less.

After the clearance of ECA and getting an ITA we further proceed with Visa filing, wherein the applicants file along with all the documents is submitted at Canadian high commission.

3.Visa Filing

  • Documents Required For Express Entry
  • Educational Documents
  • Employment Documents
  • Birth Certificate
  • Valid Passport
  • IELTS Score Card
  • Medical Clearance Card
  • Police Clearance
  • Proof Of Funds

Principal applicant: $550 (if going alone)

If family is accompanying

  • Each family member more than 22 yr old- $550
  • Each family member less than 22 yrs old - $150

Landing fee is given once the applicant lands Canada , this is only one time fee

  • Principal applicant :490$
  • Each Applicant more than age of22 yrs- 490$


Proof of Funds for (Express Entry)

Number of Family Members Funds Required (in Canadian dollars)
1 $12,474
2 $15,530
3 $19,092
4 $23,181

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