The Canadian federal government as well as the Quebec provincial government provides unique immigration opportunities to individuals who can be self-employed in Canada.
There are two self-employed persons programs available under this category – the Federal Self Employed Persons program and the Quebec Self Employed Persons program. These are ideal immigration programs if you are a Self-Employed person and can be self-employed when you immigrate to Canada as a permanent resident.
Federal Self-Employed Persons Program The self-employed persons program provides a fast-track immigration road-map for persons with relevant experience in any one (or more) of the below areas or fields:

  • Farming (Terminated)
  • Athletics
  • Recreation related occupations
  • Sports
  • Art and cultural occupations

In this program, the applicant must have a clear idea about how he or she is going to contribute to his or her  respective field once the applicant has been granted permanent residency in Canada. To see the list of occupations recognized by IRCC for this specific program, click here. To know more about the Federal Self-Employed persons program

Quebec Self-Employed Worker Program

Unlike with the federal program, the Quebec Self-Employed worker program doesn’t specify any specific area or industry. Any person who can come to the province of Quebec and create his or her own job in the province is eligible to apply under this category, provided the applicant has:

  • A genuine interest to migrate to the province of Quebec;
  • The ability to create his or her own job by practicing in Quebec the profession or trade he or she has had experience in;
  • A net worth of at least C$100,000 (this can be shared assets too, wherein the assets are shared between the applicant and the applicant’s spouse or common-law partner);
  • Been working in the profession or trade for a period of at least 2 years from the date of applying.


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