Often, it would require more than one realtor (broker) or online research to find the right business in Canada. Moreover, when it comes to a regulated process as sensitive as immigration, it is necessary that you are dealing with a licensed realtor. Also, the financial information (example: cash flows) should be true and certified by a Chartered/Certified Professional Accountant (CPA).

Over 35 years of expertise in the immigration industry, Wave Visas Immigration has been successful in building a strong and trustworthy network of licensed realtors across Canada. Whilst we maintain a repository of available businesses in the various provinces of Canada, the “buyer-action” is crucial in almost every step of purchasing/acquiring the business. The reconciliation of business information and the updating of our repository happens every 2 weeks (14 calendar days). However, this does not guarantee that the businesses you see in our repository will be available for sale forever. The buyer action is expected to be initiated by the buyer when he or she comes across a business of his or her taste, and most often by committing to an exploratory visit. Our realtor network deals with:

  • Small businesses
  • Medium scale businesses
  • Large businesses or corporations
  • Commercial property/space
  • Industrial property/space
  • Residential property/space (only in Vancouver)

The below table summarizes the presence of our realtor network in the various provinces in Canada:

Caregiver Programme For Permanent Resident

Canada Quebec Visa

Canada Spouse Visa

Caregiver Programme For Permanent Resident

Canada Parent Visa

Canada Temporary Foreign Worker Programs

Federal Skilled Trade Worker Category

Canada Tourist Visa

Canada PNP Visa

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