The Unspoiled wilderness of the Northwest Territories is Canada’s largest frontier.

Northwest Territories along with the Nunavut region comprise over one-third of Canada’s total land area. Its main resources are expansive forests, geological resources like rocks and granites, gold, diamonds, natural gas and petroleum. The city of Yellowknife is its capital, which is a cultural centre and a booming hub for industrial workers.

The Northwest Territories’ territorial nominee program is called NTNP (Northwest Territories Nominee Program). Successful candidates, post nomination by the territory will receive the Northwest Territories Nomination Certificate. NTNP applications fall under the fast-track category. Meaning, the application processing time for NTNP applications are less compared to other immigration streams. Northwest Territories Nominee Program (NTNP) consists of 3 immigration streams. They are:

  • Northwest Territories Employer Driven Program
  • Northwest Territories Express Entry
  • Northwest Territories Business Driven Program

Each of these programs have been designed to meet the territory’s growing need of having a strong workforce as well as businessmen and entrepreneurs. To know more about these immigration streams, contact us.


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Provincial Nominee Programs (PNPs)

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Self Employed Persons Programs

Applicants must have a clear plan detailing how they will contribute to their respective field upon obtaining permanent residency in Canada. To view the list of occupations recognized by IRCC for this program...

Express Immigration Programs (With PR)

Wave Visas leveraging its extensive expertise in Canadian immigration laws and regulations, offers tailored Express Immigration Programs designed to suit the unique...

Atlantic Immigration Pilot Program (AIPP)

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The Atlantic or Maritime provinces...

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