To become or maintain your position as the prime competitor in the marketplace, the Canadian businesses and employers might often need to hire skilled workers, professionals & managers from outside Canada.

Quite often, it would be necessary for you to find the right talent and skills from abroad. And sometimes, the requirement is met by transferring an employee (at times, more than one employee) from your foreign office to your Canadian office. This is called an Intra-Company Transfer. Whatever be your requirement, Wave Visas Immigration’s seasoned work permit experts with many years of experience in this area can guide you through the right channel. Nobody would want to take a complex path when a much simpler and straight forward one is readily made available by the immigration legislations of Canada – be it Federal or Provincial.

In some scenarios the provincial path would turn out to be the best, while in some others the federal program would be the fastest and simplest way. Our experts can help you obtain the necessary Work Visas (Work Permits) for any number of staff/employees you have in your mind.

At Wave Visas Immigration, the work permit inquiry response is an expedited process. Please provide necessary information in the form below and click send inquiry. Our team of experts will evaluate your requirement(s) and reach out to you immediately.

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Caregiver Programme For Permanent Resident

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