A good business plan is the backbone of an immigration application. It acts as a catalyst in the decision-making phase of the application, if not, the deciding factor.

In all applicable Business or Investment immigration programs, the Business Plan plays a crucial role. Be it federal, Quebec, or any other provincial business immigration program, the success of the application is always dependent on 2 factors:

  1. “Is the business plan covering all the requirements of the program in a well-informed, realistic and practical manner?”
  2. “Will the business plan make sense to IRCC (Immigration Refugees Citizenship Canada) – the approving authority?”

At Wave Visas Immigration, our dedicated Business Plan writers have years of  experience in creating the best-business plans. In all cases, any Canadian governmental bodies (ESDC, IRCC, etc.) will be looking for certain crucial elements in the proposed business plan. Some of them being:

  • Consideration on the geography of the business;
  • Consideration on the nature/type of the business;
  • Consideration on the number of Full-Time (FT) as well as Part-Time (PT) employment(s) that are included in the business plan;
  • Consideration on the demography, prime market competitors, etc.

It is important for the success of the immigration application (as well as your business in Canada) that the Business Plan needs to be based on true and genuine information. The numbers, statistics, and strategies included in the business plan must not only be realistic, but good to the health of the business in the long-run. The Business Plan must be a simple but comprehensive, and should be able to convey the whole context of the business to IRCC in the most effective and efficient way there is.

The Canadian economy is split into provincial and territorial economies. And in this, Quebec stands unique as its immigration programs are Quebec-specific. All these economies in unison forms what is referred to as the “Canadian Economy” in general. Quite often, the success of a Canadian business immigration application revolves around a single question – what impact will this business, once established, bring to the Canadian economy? The question can be analyzed based on certain obvious facts. Some of them being:

  • How many full-time employment(s) does the business create and/or sustain?
  • Is there an “Export” component involved in the business?
  • How many full-time and part-time employments combination does the business offer?
  • Is there a favorable geographical advantage associated with the business, etc.

In every Canadian Business and Investor application, a good Business Plan is the key to towards success. Not just complying with the program’s requirements and criteria. At Wave Visas Immigration, we take all these into consideration while conducting the Business Feasibility studies as well as the Business Plan writing.

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